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Loaded with 200-280mg of caffeine per mallow. YIKES!Three marshmallows crammed with coffee goodness and caffeine. Two flavors have 200mg per mallow, and one has 280mg! No way to fall asleep with these! $5.99

Are you a chocolate or coffee fiend? Looking to scale back on the calories or the caffeine? Just one puff of Le Whif will deliver the flavor you want, without any of the guilt later. Deeeeeeeelicious. $6.99

Loaded with caffeine, vitamins, and lovin’ ingredients. A delicious love potion – energizes you and aphrodisiacs you up good. Each bottle is loaded with 90mg of caffeine, loads of vitamins, and some extra goodies to get your pulse pumping. $3.99 – $19.99

Come to the Dark Side… we’ve got damn good coffee!Vader’s Dark Roast Coffee is commonly enjoyed by Dark Lords of the Sith while planning new Death Star construction, but give into your anger, sample a steaming cup and you will be rewarded with power beyond your imagination. $14.99